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What does Study Music actually affect on your studies?

Hours of some of the Binaural beats for Studying for concentration and brain power with relaxing sounds. Relaxing music for studying, concentration and focus memory for work: instrumental music for reading. Use it as background studying music for final exam study time and studying music to help you concentrate on homework, learning, working, reading or writing. Enjoy the music!

How to concentrate on studies Effectively?


Sit in that kind of table chair arrangement and when you sit lock yourself. Promise yourself not to leave chair at any cost until you have completed your goals whatever you have made.

(Distraction: Water, Mobile phone, Gaming, fooding, & a strong urge to go out to any roomie) Average guys have that kind of problems.

In that case when you sit take a 2 ltr water bottle with you, Put your phone in Silent mode and keep it away with you(strictly), took fooding with you in a transparent container whatever you like but consume it only when you need. (some ppls continue to read instructions, ingredients etc mentioned in packet i.e why suggesting you a transparent box)


Make small goals and promise yourself to complete it. Don’t directly run for making big goals. “War doesn’t conquered in one night” so make small plans complete them. And when you are able to do this it will make you confident. Slowly slowly make your goals bigger.

(Distraction: Time management and knocking out from schedule)

Don’t skip a single day from your schedule. Be loyal towards yourself. And like if you make a schedule of studying 2 hours in evening and somehow you’re unable to do that so in that case whenever you get time complete your cycle of 2 hours.


Strictly limit your social area. Those who love you will love you ever. Feeling of friendship never dies. True friends are always there for you. I’m not telling you to cutoff but limit it. when you have an urge to talk to any friend call him/her. This method reduces your time and energy.

(Distraction: Memes, notifications, messages, you-tubing, downloading Instagram etc)

On a day at evening before studying and after going to bed 30 minutes spending on social media is sufficient. Friends can limit but career can’t. listen to songs before sleeping. Soulful ones may gives you nice sleep.


Biggest factor of Distraction. Commenting upon such part is a waste of time. NOT ALL HEAD HAVE SIMILAR PAIN. So i must only suggest you to limit the time of talking with your Mate. Those couples who are living in same city meet once in a week. Try to convince your partner the purpose of limiting talks. A good understanding will help you alot.

(Distractions: Urge to talk, Fights, Arguments, Possessiveness etc)

For Guys make yourself comfortable Trust your girl and only focus on your goals. your future with her is only in your hands. The more you work hard the more you’re close to keeping the promise of being with her.

For Girls Don’t overthink, understand that it is not ignorance. The love of a truly loving man never diminished. If he is a “One Women Man” then he’ll remains the same.


Not to say enough but told you earlier Don’t go with the flow. It makes Mind Dirty. The very morning till night when brain is at rest you’ll only think about that sexual stuffs and ol. If you are a student strictly say No. If you’re a Bachelor you good you know yourself.

(Distractions: Strong urge to watch porno, downloading)

Strictly don’t switch on to any such websites. Again be loyal towards yourself. Its damn tough but pressurize yourself not to do this.


JOGGING & PUSH-UPS both the exercise makes you feel boosted all the day longer. The levels of Oxygen at morning is very high. The more oxygen you take the more you make you Heart and Brain stronger and healthier. Try to wake Early if possible. I know for students its not possible. But those who can do it please.


 Better way to listen Study Music..

Avoid the noisy environment like the typical open office you’re better off with earplugs that block the noise than music which drowns it out.
Listening to music while working or studying increase concentration.
Music helps you finish boring tasks faster.
It helps you to absorb information faster.
It reduces stress and depression, which help to learn anything faster.
Listening to music can be a good escape from the noisy workplace.
 Don’t listen to any music with words. The words will get stuck in your head and you’ll lose track of what you’re doing. Trust me, I’ve tried a few times; I always end up mouthing the lyrics after a few seconds and at the end of the song, realizing, “Hey, wait, you were supposed to be doing homework!” My English teacher has also told stories of essays where she could tell what song a student was listening to because he/she had unwittingly put the song lyrics in their essay and not proofread it.
You could listen to EDM or Dubstep or other electronic songs, but it’s more difficult for me to focus if committing things to memory. This type of music is on my math homework soundtrack. If you’re memorizing things, I’d recommend symphonic, orchestral, band, or piano things. You can listen to movie soundtracks, video game soundtracks, even pop song covers. The Vitamin String Quartet does very good covers of songs from the 80s to today. 
I know some people will be avert to this, but the best option for anything is classical music. When people hear the phrase “classical music,” they seem to think, “Ew! Why would I want to listen to that? It’s so dull!” Those same people definitely know at least the main theme of some of the best classical songs out there, though; we all do. Some of my favorites are Beethoven’s Für Elise (piano), Rossini’s William Tell Overture Call to the Cows and Finale (symphonic), the first and third movements of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata (piano), Chopin’s Nocturne (piano), Mozart’s Rondo Alla Turca (piano), Brahms’s Lullaby (orchestral), Offenbach’s Can-Can a.k.a. Orpheus (symphonic), Vivaldi’s Spring (symphonic), Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers (symphonic), and Mozart’s Abduction from the Seraglio (symphonic).

What study music does on our brain?

If listening to any music at all, keep it quiet. The louder your music is, the more it will distract you, and the purpose of listening to music while you study is to help you stay on-task, so keep it in the background.
However, if music is distracting for you and complete silence helps you focus best, don’t listen to any music at all. I like to because silence and/or people talking in the background can be distracting for me and music helps me get motivated while studying or doing homework, but I know some people have trouble focusing with music on. If you still want to listen to something while studying but decide music isn’t for you, try white noise. There are free apps for it that should work for you.
Yes it does work and works wonders but only when you solve practical problems. I have been listening to any such random music from YouTube and I have tried it with both theory and practical subjects.
While doing practical problems I noticed improved efficiency. But when I tried it for theory subjects, I was only distracted. I tried it for several hours and days but it just din work with theoretical subjects.
Also I need to mention that I never created a playlist of anything. I always played that one same song on repeat. I feel switching the music will create a distraction.
Any music which is more instrumental and less vocal. Songs that you know well and can sing along should be ABSOLUTELY AVOIDED. This is because if you know a song you tend to go along with the lyrics and hence it breaks your focus on studying.
If you prefer soothing music or hard rock is up to you. I recommend cellos as I absolutely love it’s sound.
but also……………………………………………………………………………..
Actually nothing new techniques will help you. Distractions are very common for everybody. What matters is that our Decision. It is on our will to get distracted or not. I am not going to suggest you any Rule or any points to eliminate these types of things.
But what I am going to write may probably solve your problem.
SO the most important is PURPOSE OF STUDYING.
Ask yourself What is the purpose of studying?
Why am I struggling with these books? Are you following any trend to study or you’re studying for grabbing some knowledge?
Remember always-
“You’re born for a purpose” 🙂
How can we concentrate on our studies when the following functions have hijacked our minds?
Countless choices are present in the brain, so how can we focus on studying which is a foreign choice?
We would like to focus on our studies and so we open our books, and then there is a ‘ping’ from our phone. We think, maybe, it is a very important message and we look at it. Who has sent this message? What if my girl friend whom I adore has sent this message? We are distracted from our studies and the Newtons laws of motion take a beating. The pinging of the smartphone is so powerful that it changes the chemical equilibrium of the whole brain.
Our choices are already fixed.
a) To see how many likes have we received for our post on Instagram and whether a particular person who we love has actually liked it or not?
b) To check emails. We are scared, maybe, we might miss a particular highly anticipated email.
c) What if we do not get admission into a particular institution? Our future is ruined. We will not be able to get a good job, earn money, and have a beautiful wife/ successful husband. What happens to the dreams of our parents?
d) What if we get admission and come out in flying colours? Which car we should buy? Is it worth buying a diesel car or an electrical car? It is better to go for an electrical car as it reduces carbon. Will we be really contributing to carbon emission control?
Binaural beats for Studying
When so many choices are spread before us, we would naturally select one of those choices, so how on earth is the mind free to concentrate on studies which is alien and is altogether new to be understood? Study or any new learning requires focus, so that new connections of neurons can be formed in the brain. That is the reason why study is always the last choice for the brain. It does not want to change its existing connections. It loves to tread the beaten path!
These choices which are already networked in the brain immediately come to the fore in the hippocampus and the other parts of the brain. The book lies in front of us but our mind is meandering in the utopic world of menus which are already fixed. We keep picking up one after the other from these menus. In the process, the focus on the subject is completely lost.
The stress of achieving makes us restless and it prompts the amygdala (emotional almond) to overact and in reality it becomes robust by increasing in its size. However, in the process, the hippocampus, the memory processor, is reduced in size.
You are not trying to wire new neurons together which indeed is memory. On the other hand, we are playing with the choices which are already available. This is distraction.
It is certainly very easy to tell you ‘to focus, and get results’ but in reality, the brain is already hijacked by our choices. We are forced to select one out of the established available choices present in our choice list. There is no room to select a new choice which requires attention and hard work.
2. You have juicy choices
The choice of going to a movie with your friend, visiting a mall, chatting through social media always overrides the tedious, and monotonous understanding of a scientific concept!
3. The fear of missing out
This is a new type of fear widely prevalent among youth. We are not sure whether the nod from our lover which we have been expecting for quite some time, ‘may be there round the corner.’ If we lose this opportunity, we are lost for ever. That fear of missing out is always working in the subconscious background and does not allow us to focus on study.
4) Seeking social approval
We are busy getting rid of our acne and other blemishes of the face which we feel are coming in the way of social approval. We are very concerned that a close friend has not liked our post
Modern technology has made us virtual zombies. Our brain is working automatically based on these inputs. Where is the space for concentration?
Our future is in our hands. If we hand it over to our gadgets, we are sure to become mental wrecks.

The brain learns to process new connections steadily and surely learns to enjoy doing its work when we allow it to work on that. This is the only way to change the stubborn connections towards study. Hard work is involved and it requires throwing away all our gadgets for a month or so and just keeping ourselves glued to studies. Start enjoying knowledge. It becomes a habit. This new habit will come to our rescue.

We have to get out of our addiction to gadgets and attractions of the external world and start enjoying the true knowledge of science and spirituality.

Such questions make our brain really work hard to connect various combinations of neurons which is indeed intelligence. Intelligence increases the life span, and makes life exciting and rewarding!

Is it bad to listen to music while studying?
Music can have both positive and negative effects on studying, depending on two things: the student and the music.

For a start, every student is a unique bag of tricks when it comes to study methods. Some thrive in utter silence; in fact, they’re distracted by the slightest noise, be it a television or dog barking outside. Others can’t operate on any focussed level unless they shut the world out with wall-shaking music.

Or, at least, so they think. Yes, music can disconnect you from the outside world, but it can also short circuit what you’ve asked it to help you do: assimilate knowledge.

Benefits of Studying with music:

Yes, music can create a mood. Study music, particularly, can be relaxing and help students beat anxiety or stress while studying. Background music is likely to help students improve their focus during long study sessions.

Music can help with memorisation – a somewhat debatable idea that is the basis of “the Mozart effect” which suggested that listening to Mozart study music could actually enhance intelligence.

Study music is considered to be beneficial for the intake of vital information. Relaxing music for studying can help to ease nerves and help you beat pre-exam anxiety. Consequently, any music of a high bpm, angry or intense nature tends to do the complete opposite.




At the end of the day – and that’s when most students study – it’s about finding your Happy Study Place; a place you can effectively accomplish all your study goals. If you must listen to music, try out some YouTube study music at first – make it relevant music, make it background music, make it music that becomes a soundtrack to success.