20+ Powerful Abundance Affirmations For Prosperity, health and Wealth

abundance affirmations
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Abundance haa? its marvelous feeling of letting everything go. As we think all the surrounding are filled with abundance. 

Abundance is everywhere.

You can see abundance in leaves, abundance in relationship, abundance in money, abundance in all the good things who have. Abundance is birth right to everyone, everyone is worthy to enjoy abundance.

So what is abundance?

Abundance is a beautiful feeling of fulfillment. So many people want to enjoy this Awesome feeling for mental stability and stress free life.

When you don't need anything to complete yourself or to greed make more money, or to achieve materialistic achievements. You are just complete now and mentally stable and sharp.

That strong feeling comes from inside called abundance. There are so many articles and mantras that claim that they reveal your inner peace and harnish you with abundance.

But the best things about abundance you don't need outer knowledge to experience that feeling. In simple words for achieving abundance you don't need to do special things for it.

It starts from the inside and ends inside.

But one tip I will definitely give you to achieve this feeling you have to know yourself deeply.

So to experience abundance you have grow up from materialistic things. Affirmations will also definitely show you the right way to achieve this journey. You have to grow mentally and stabilize the constant peace of your mind.

Powerful Abundance Affirmations to Free Yourself Materialistic Things


  1. I feel abundance comes from inside.

  2. I'm mentally peaceful and stable now.

  3. I don't need anyone or anything to complete myself.

  4. I am complete now.

  5. I enjoy the true feeling of abundance.

  6. I don't chase success, success chases me.

  7. Strong feeling of abundance radiating through all of my body.

  8. I prefer mental growth rather than materialistic growth.

  9. I am now living life with abundance.

Powerful Abundance Affirmations For future Worry

  1. I don't worry about future unexpectancy.

  2. I fully live life today.

  3. I don't worry too much about the future, rather I make proper planning and stick on it.

  4. I have strong will power.

  5. I feel energised from inside to do my work.

  6. I don't need motivation to do my stuff, it's just naturally done.

  7. I care about myself, and my body which makes me love myself.

Powerful Abundance Affirmations to Free Yourself Money Problems

  1. Money is not the main goal of my life. Money is just a medium to complete my needs.

  2. My materialistic needs are less so that's why I'm strong from inside.

  3. I don't follow money, money follows me.

  4. I don't need anything to bring mental peace.

  5. I'm grateful for what I have now.

  6. I focus on assets but not on liabilities.

  7. I am a money magnet.

  8. Money comes to me easily.

  9. I'm sure I'm capable of making money easily.

  10. Abundance is like meditation to be.

  11. I will be financially independent and do what I love.

Solid Abundance Affirmations for Health

  1. I release all the disease from my body and welcome love, health and happiness into my life.

  2. I'm learning to love the sound of my feet walking away from things not meant for me.

  3. Universe is changing my situation and I'm coming to a new season of blessings.

  4. I become what I think. I feel things attract them. What I imagine I create things.

  5. I'm creatively inspired by the world around me.

  6. I am becoming closer to my true self everyday.

  7. I'm worthy of abundance in life.

  8. I have high self esteem as I believe in my capabilities.

  9. I'm special and love that feeling.

Solid Abundance Affirmations for Better Relationships

  1. I'm worthy of a healthy and strong relationship.

  2. I'm capable of facing any problem in relationships.

  3. I'm very good at relationships.

  4. I have a strong and beautiful family.

  5. My family is proud of me and I'm proud of my family.

  6. I experience true abundance in relationships.

  7. Life is like a roller coaster ride; it's full of ups and downs.

  8. I find new ways everyday to experience abundance.

  9. I create limitless abundance through my actions and attitude.

  10. I'm blessed with creativity.

How abundance Affirmations works?

I think you definitely know the miracle methods of doing affirmations. How affirmations will help you to grow mentally and physically.

Abundance affirmations is also one of affirmations which lead you to abundance and freedom. 

It's the most peaceful feeling when you don't care about things which are running around yourself.

Benefits of Abundance

Nowadays mostly people care about what they have profit to do.

Also this feeling will help you in some situations. But in the long term it will make you caged or controlled by your thoughts.

There are so many people who are controlled by bank balance, friends, relations and so on. That's not the path to real abundance. 


  • Recognizes unlimited opportunities for positive growth and development. 

  • Realizes that there are three ways to do things, my way, your way and a better way.

  • Appreciates the uniqueness of others.

  • Relieve from caged mentally to freedom.

  • Enjoy life without any filter.

  • Develop the ability to see the worlds as it is.

Take Away:

In this article we discussed the importance of abundance and affirmations. These affirmations also definitely will help you to grab the right route towards the abundance.

And also help you to free from all expectations and greed from your mind.

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