15 Minute Manifestation In-Depth Personal Review (2020)

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I know there are many people who are struggling with their life, people, and money. There is so much negativity around which will be leading us to failure and loss of interest with the world.

Also, the world is facing so many tragic pandemics that are unfortunate to humanity and peoples. So it’s becoming a common term for anxiety and depression.

There is no ugliness to admit your nature to yourself. Everyone suffers from failures and negativity but those who conquer and counter them have the ability to live a prosperous life.

What is 15-Minute Manifestation Program?

Today we are discussing a 15-minute manifestation program that is highly rated and there are thousands of people who are taking benefits of it. The 15-minute manifestation is High quality and highly effective combination of binaural beats and highly effective subliminal programs.

Everyone wants to stay a healthy and prosperous life which is the main goal of being human. The program constraints unhealthy behavior and negative thoughts on a daily basis. 

The program is all about to cherish your life with the highest possibilities of existence. The track included in the program holds the capacity to groom your brain and your thoughts to the highest level. 

Throughout the program, you will learn to counter the negative thoughts and regularly educate them to pay attention to your subconscious.

The whole program was discovered and created by Eddie Sergey which is a goal to develop your brain with different situations and disorders.

15 Minute Manifestation Personal Review
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How Much Does It Cost?

If you want physical CDs then also there is no problem. The program comes with two formats offline and online but the offline package costs around 99 USD. and the online package program comes with 49 USD so its clear double the rate for the offline package. 

So we prefer that you can buy an online package that is the most cost-effective and easily available. Within minutes you can buy the program and start listening and gaining benefits from it.

Let’s go through the brief review with the content of the program.

15 Minute Manifestation Contents

Talking about the features and contents of the program the whole package comes with beautiful and relaxing audio beats and some instructions to listen to step by step.

The main program contains three special audio beats. You have to listen to each audio beat for 7 days. And the 21 days is the course time required to complete the whole course.

And it’s very important to listen to the beats on by one because the beats are all linked to each other.

  • Track-1

Remove the unnecessary and harsh Clots from you Mind

So there are 3 tracks included in this program. Talking about track 1 it is about 15 minutes of listening duration as product name, you have to listen to the track for every day around 7 days. 

The track contains some beautiful Subliminals and beats which will effectively help to clean the mess in your brain. 

It’s also your first step towards eliminating negative thoughts from your mind and believe me it's the most important procedure in this program. 

  • Track- 2 

Planting The Appropriate Trees in Your Brain

Following the 1 st track, track 2 is also important. Same as first track this also of 15 minutes of duration and you have to listen to it for 7 days for an effective approach. 

The track continues your journey by planting the appropriate thoughts in your mind. We already know that before planting the good trees in your mind you have to remove the unwanted clots from your mind. 

And this track is very important to remove that clots and disturbance form your mind. We pleasingly insist that you never listen to track 2 before the first one. As it will already you dive through some confusion and continuity.

  • Track 3 

Way to Abundance and Absolute Freedom

Now, this is the last step of the 21 days program you have to listen to this very carefully and freely. Track 3 is based upon how you can make your life better and the best way to live life prosperously.

Listening to the following tracks this track is very helpful to show the path of living life with happy and abundant nature.  

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Who Can Benefit From It?

So there is a wide variety of people who can benefit from this program each and everyone has something who can impose prosperity and cherish their lives with happiness.

The whole program is focused on conquering all your fears and making your fantasies into reality.

What can you Expect From This Program?

  • It’s helpful in regaining health, wealth, love, and happiness.
  • Way to come out from Stuck at the same repetitive cycle in your life.
  • Doing hard work but lack of success.
  • Improving relationships and achieving the highest state of love.
  • Open your clotted mind to uncountable possibilities for making your life better.


  • Easy to use :

There is no need for special equipment to implement the program. You just need a cell phone or PC and Good quality Headphones, you can enjoy while laying on your bed.

But keep in mind all the tracks must be listened in a quiet and peaceful environment to acquire all the good effects.

  • Instant Access :

You can enjoy and listen to the beautiful beats at very ease. Just make payment and you are ready to go. You get instant access to the program including bonuses.

Yes it's also true that it's only for the online version if paid for offline version then you might wait for some time to deliver the CDs. Due to pedantic the delivery may take a little more time so we prefer to buy the online version.


  • Only a small Portion of Time Needed :  

I like that I don't need to require a special slot for my day schedule to listen to this program. It only takes 15 minute as a Program feature and it's enough for me.

  • 365 Day Money Back Guarantee :

One of the best things about the program is it's almost one year refund policy. it's very suitable for all the people who don't believe that if there is no any affect on their daily life with this program they can easily refund for almost over a year. Noone gives such a long duration to just check and if not satisfied with it just refund it.

I think It's just a trust built with people who believe that there are so many people who are satisfied. 

Cons :

Listening almost over 2 month now I didn't notice any bad things about the program but some things you can keep in mind to become process fluent.

  • You must make a Statement for Yourself : 

Everyone knows that without self effort that is nothing can be conquered. So also keep in mind this not any kind of magic bullet or something which will magically bring changes in your life.

There is nothing like magic. You have to believe that you want to change your life and bring happiness.

So if you don't believe that your life is never gonna change then I will politely tell you that this program also isn't gonna change your life. You have to believe in yourself. 

After buying the program you feel that the program includes some task you have to complete in a week to bring changes.

Don't believe in anyone just believe in yourself.

  • You have to listen the track Serially :

The timeframe for the program is 21 days. You have to honestly spend some time on yourself. You have to listen to tracks Serially and take action upon it.

Science Behind 15-minute manifestation program 

So going through this review and benefits I know you definitely feel that how the heck this program gonna work for making my life better or What is Science behind the program which will lead our expectations.

Everyone is talking about manifestation and Subliminals today. And the hype is also good because these all the proven and tested techniques used to bring prosperity in your life there are many studies that prove the benefits of manifestation and Subliminals

In short In the program, it's a mutual combination of the binaural beat, sublimates, and manifestation all together are made beautifully to enrich our brain and body. 

Also, this is not a new technique, it was already found a century ago in the 18s and gained benefits from it by so many people.

Who is Eddie Sergey? 

When I searched about our author Eddie, going through their life I was so inspired by how they manage to conquer all their failures and specific events that many people will fail. 

When Eddie was 9, he had a very serious health condition and his prognosis was dire. And he also stated that he listens to the tapes from his mom about subliminal and manifestation and he also claims that he overcame that disease from listening and manifestation tapes.

All in today’s world Eddie developed those tapes and added some today's problems and very passionately developed by Engineers, Hypnotist and Spiritual Guides.

How Does 15-minute Manifestation Work?

The 15 minute manifestation is a combination of Subliminals, binaural beats and affirmation programs which are carved by gurus like psychotherapists, engineers and hypnotists.

The working of the program is also not based on recent phenomenon. There is almost a century phenomenon used to make this program and there are so many worldwide users are taking benefits with the program.

Talking about working on the first week cleans your blocking clots from your brain and makes your brain fertile to plant prosperous thoughts in your mind.

In the second week the beautiful tones are used in a program which rapidly relieves your stress and anxiety and plants new thoughts which will help you in future.

In a last week its week of absolute freedom where it reckons all your beliefs to dustbin and show the route towards absolute abundance and freedom.

Conclusion :

Here we go through an in depth review of a 15 minute manifestation. I hope this review will help you in buying the manifestation product.  And we are also happy that so many people will benefit from it. 

The bonuses are included in the product itself. You just have to buy the product from our links which will help the site to provide the best reviews, comparison for you.

And also thanks to you for bearing with us to the end.

FAQ Questions Asked about 15 Minute Manifestation Program

  1. What is 15-Minute Manifestation?

The 15-minute manifestation is High quality and highly effective combination of binaural beats and highly effective subliminal programs.

2. Who is Eddie Sergey?

Eddie Sergey is a coach for manifestation about different manifestation products.

3. Is it a scam?

It's a 100% genuine trustworthy product and thousands of peoples are taking advantage of it. 

4. How does it work?

Yes it's a nice question so many people think that how the program is gonna change their life. The program is based upon already proven methodologies and beats. Its combination of BInaural beats, Subliminal Tones and brainwave entrainment. You find more knowledge about it here https://freebinaural.com/

5. How much does 15-Minute Manifestation cost?

The program comes with two formats offline and online but the offline package costs around 99 USD. and the online package program comes with 49 USD so its clear double the rate for the offline package.

6. Is it worth it?

Its totally worth it if you are not satisfied with the program then also no problem program comes with 365 days money back guarantee.

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