8+ Best Recommended Headphones For Binaural Beats

best headphones for binaural beats
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People try to get full benefits of binaural beats often try to search for the best headphones for binaural beats. The internet is a web of recommendations and different choices from their perspective.

But what is special about this article is you getting recommendations from people we already know in the binaural beats niche and providing them to you for free.

The article is not about just picking random products we already used and also we get recommendations from our subscribers so feel free to use.



Overall Rating


1) Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones,

10 Hz to 800 Hz

2) Apple AirPods Pro

20 Hz to 18,000 Hz

3) Sleep Headphones,3D Sleep Mask Bluetooth 5.0

20 Hz to 20000Hz

4) Headphones with Wireless Bluetooth 5.0

20 Hz to 16000Hz

5) Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio

15 Hz to 28,000 Hz

6) Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone

20 Hz to 18,000 Hz

7) Sennheiser HD 202 II Professional Headphones

18 Hz to18 kHz

8) Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series I) Wireless Headphones

18 Hz to 24,000 Hz

Binaural Headphones

There is a 20 years old history of headphones and earphones. When talking about the quality of headphones people always concern the quality of sound but there are also many features you should take care when listening to specific music.

People also confused about midrange and high rage price brackets. Because somehow the midrange companies provide the specification of high range products.

That's why the market of headphones are always saturated with different models. So fairly talking let go with cheap ones which are easily available from 5 USD to 20 USD. This is the price bracket most people buy products from.

But the quality of these headphones are very cheap and sound is also mixed with each other and the end result is just rhythmic noise. Exception is always there but most of them provide same quality.

Indeed, most of the people enjoy the music with a midrange and cheap one but we always recommend doing some investment with our health and save in the long run.

There are some popular brands which provide high quality headphones and music equipments you also checkout them below

  1. Bose
  2. Beyerdynamic
  3. Sennheiser
  4. AKG
  5. Audio-Technica
  6. Sony
  7. Shure

So getting too directly to list here we covered some frequently asked questions to give you a clear picture of how binaural beats works.

8 Best Recommended Headphones for Binaural Beats

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
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The highly popular headphone since 2017 Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is best when it comes with sound quality and music lovers. The headphone comes with one button alexa click which helps you to directly communicate with alexa and do your desired task. It also supports one click google assistant communication which helps to provide quick information to users about weather, calling to specific people, and also play your desired binaural beats at ease.

Talking about the microphone the headphone supports dual microphone support for clearer sound and quick voice pickup.

In the hard buttons they also include a volume rocker key to adjust volume without touching the phone or laptop. Now talking about sound quality headphones provide balanced sound with treble, bass and vocal which is best when listening to music and consuming other media.

The sound quality is really amazing at this price so no fear of noise and chaos.

Obviously the headphone is wireless and connection can be acquired with bluetooth. It uses the latest version of bluetooth which will communicate with host hasslefree. There are also some personalised settings with bluetooth profiles which used to prefer your choices at every time. Bose also provides bose connect app to manage setting and features with mobile application. Which is the most amazing feature of the headphone.

Apple AirPods Pro
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When talking about apples there is no need for explaining its features. You already know that how Apple products are reliable to users. With crisp-clear sound quality and highest build quality these are the best earphones in the market.  

So talking about its features one of the best features of these earphones is they provide you with an active noise cancellation feature which amazingly reduces the sound from surroundings and provides you pure music tones.  

Other than that the earphone also can do the opposite means earphones comes with transparency mode which will help you to listen around. It is very beneficial in traffic or extreme conditions when you want to listen to music from around. 

The sound quality is also immersing and crisp. You listen to each and every instrument played in music separately.  

Box contains three soft customisable silicon tips which used to perfectly fit every individual user. There is no worry of small or big sizes. If you want to use it in the gym or while running then you also can use it without worry because the earphones come with sweat and water resistant certification. 

And also adaptive EQ is the best when playing different music with different genres. This effectively tunes your audio to the desired EQ setting and gives you the best listening experience. Which is very useful for many users. Seeing at the first time you would feel that they gradually lose their energy and in 1 to 2 hours the earphones run out of charge but its not the case with apple airpods size is small but they hold charging upto 24 hours in one charge. So no need to charge frequently.

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Sleep Headphones,3D
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When it comes to listening to binaural beats while sleeping the best product for it is sleep headphones. 3D with a sleep mask is the best In market. Has ergonomic design and high connectivity bluetooth connection is best for your ears. Ergonomic design is used to contour the eyes area so eyes are free to move. 

There is no any pressure to your eyes, the new 3D mask is perfectly wrapped around your face so it never causes any sleep disturbance. Sound quality is also the major aspect of this mask where also this mask never lacks with providing perfect treble bass and vocal balance gives you the balanced sound quality for the price range. 

The High-fidelity stereo sound benefits from Bluetooth V-5.0 technology produce great sound quality which provide a well-closed and immersed environment for your ears, Just lose yourself in the music! Sleep headphones  

The sleep headphones have a charging time of 2 to 3 hours and run for almost 10 hrs. So no worry for charging all the time just plug once at ready to use 2 to 3 days easily. 

Sleep headphones 3D also has a unique design around your nose so there is no stress and pressure around your nose. Using highly dense cloth the headphones never pass any light through the headphones so there is no worry of external light sources. 

LC-dolida sleeping headphones mask uses memory foam materials which are super soft fabric. It's very lightweight, and Skin-friendly breathable fabric is comfortable to wear. It is Ideal for insomnia, migraine headaches and dry-eye sufferers, as the breathable, fibers of hypoallergenic material allows healthy oxygen in while keeping dry air out.

Bluetooth Sleep Headphones with Wireless Bluetooth 5.0
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ESR sleep mask is wearable headphones and the mask gives you the best experience while listening to music and beats while sleeping. Mask comes with ergonomic design. The dense clothes eliminate all the light from the surrounding and give you a peaceful sleep while listening to your beats. 

With a lightweight and compact design very useful in travel. Takes 1.5 hrs to charge and provides you 8 hrs of uninterrupted music. The sleeping mask is made of breathable cotton and skiing friendly polyester for deep and comfortable sleep sessions.  

Washing is also easy as its hand washable. But you need to take care of headphones to remove them before washing it. 

Easy to put on and suitable for most head shapes/sizes with a Velcro strap that can be adjusted from 20” to 27.5” (51 to 70 cm). Headphones are fully movable, allowing you to reposition them however feels most comfortable 

Pairing is also simple just select esr e1 from your mobile or laptop to directly connect with bluetooth. Having an excellent range of 10 m helps you to roam in a room freely.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x
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Audio technica ATH-M50x mainly used in professional studios and music creators this comes with best audio quality as well as build quality. Including 45mm large aperture drivers with rare earth magnet and copper clad aluminium wire voice coils give you the best audio quality in any music genre. 

For bass lovers also a good choice with Exceptional clarity throughout an extended frequency range, with deep, accurate bass response. Also the excellent sound isolation which wraps around your ears give you another space for creations and isolation.

Earcups also swivel to 90 degrees to give sophisticated travel experience and easy to carry. Indeed gives the best durable and flexible. 

With professional studio headphones with detachable plugs

Sony MDR7506
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Now on our next list there is SONY. The Sony MDR7506 is a professional large diaphragm headphone. Crafted with neodymium magnet and 49 millimeter drivers give you powerful detailed sound. 

Audion isolation is also the perfect for a noisy environment giving you closed ear design provides comfort and outstanding reduction of external noises. 

The wire comes with 10foot of cord length in a gold plated plug. It is detachable but very sufficient for many users. In the packet they also provide a soft case to travel the headphones safely during your journey. 

Talking about frequency, headphones support 10 hertz to 20 kilohertz frequency which is actually good for any kind of sound. 

And durable design and rigid body gives you a surety for long term usage. Connectivity is wired but cord length is good so use freely.

Sennheiser HD 202
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1. Overview These are headphones having excellent sound quality and build quality. Ideal for Djs and music composers but you have to invest more you can also buy this specially for binaural beats. Believe me you definitely get satisfied with the sound quality.

2. Sound Quality Talking about sound quality the Sennheiser HD 202 II Professional Headphones is best with bass and treble. The bass is very clean and pumping and has excellent deep bass response. The jack quality is also good and comes with a 3.5/6.3 mm plug. The plug is used to define each and every sound wave to transmit clearly.

3 Frequency RangeThe earcups are also detachable and cleanable for pro users. Frequency range of the headphones is also a good factor to notice these headphones have a frequency range of 18Hz - 18kHz which is very definitive and comfortable to flow each wave to ear without any effort. 

4. Impedance Also the best thing about it is the impedance has 32ohms which is used to play your sound with PCs and music systems. Not ideal for mobile phones because when the impedance is high the more and more electricity is used to play the music within headphones so i prefer if you are using these headphones only for mobile then it would not satisfy you with sound quality.

The cable and cable quality is also decent. Has a wind up belt clip used to wind all unused cable and whenever you need you can pull off from windings. Which is freely usable from the source.

5. Build Quality They truly crafted well and whole basically nothing! They release incredibly, small, covering staying individuals around from me hearing any music. 

We can tune in at about the 10 o'clock position on the volume dial on my iFi iCAN headphone amp on low increment - which gets somewhat boisterous to the ears since these 202 ii are low-impedance (32 ohm) earphones which needn't bother with a ton of intensity.  

Bose QuietComfort 35
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Best in class build with best in class noise cancellation the main USP of this headphones. The ear cups are ergonomically designed to cut off all the noise from surrounding and make the pure music play in earcups. If you use this only for binaural beats you will be amazed that every chord of music is flowing with the wire and dazzling in your ears.

The high rated EQ stabilizer gives you to manipulate each and every tone with your desired output. At any volume you can control the buzzines of bass to clinking of treble with your preferences. Default the sound set some people do not like the sound quality due to the balanced EQ setting set by the manufacturer but if you little bit configured the EQ would be the best music Experience.

Highly convenient connectivity with the host. The headphones also support NFC as well as bluetooth. If you want to play music you can also directly connect these headphones with voice prompts. Which is a very amazing feature I guess.

Battery efficiency is also the eye catching factor of the headphones. Within 2 to 3 hours of charge you can easily go up to 20 hrs of continuous usage. So no worry for frequent charge sessions. 

Headphones come with dual microphone setup. Which is also enabled with noise cancellation support. You can easily call anyone with crystal clear sound even in a windy environment.

For carrying the headphones also comes with other versions including car charger. Which is best when travelling and on a long distance journey.

Solace: The QC35 earphones are VERY agreeable. Simply the best out there with no opposition. 

Out of the entirety of my companions who attempted it, the one in particular who whined about solace has a moderately little head. I have no issue wearing them for a few hours straight, so long listening meetings and plane flights are simple.  

Clamor Cancellation: There's truly very little to state. The Bose QC35 is essentially the best clamor dropping earphone on the planet. Past cycles of Bose's clamor dropping earphones and earbuds persuaded me that they had consummated commotion wiping out and it couldn't in any way, shape or form show signs of improvement, yet I wasn't right.  

Sound Quality: Overall, the sound is warm, full, and unwinding, however genuinely impartial all in all. (In spite of the fact that they are unbiased, their inclination as being commotion dropping earphones doesn't make them a decent choice for sound checking.)  

Whether tuning in to music or watching motion pictures, everything just sounds right. Vocals, instruments, bass notes, bass thunders, high-recurrence shimmers all seclude from one another well indeed.  

Bass is particularly noteworthy: it's energizing, yet not overwhelming at all, and bass broadens DEEEEP, to beneath 15hz with no mutilation! Additionally, without precedent for Bose's arrangement of commotion dropping earphones, they sound similarly as great kills (and through a link association), as when they are turned on.  

Sound quality over Bluetooth is fabulous. Indeed, even the soundstage is very good for a couple of shut back, clamor dropping earphones. At times I wish the sound is somewhat more fiery, yet actually that is simply criticizing.  

Highlights: First off, I might want to clarify that Bose's cases that the QC35 has 20 hours of battery life and 33 feet of Bluetooth go are absolutely bogus - BUT positively! In my testing, the QC35 endured me upward of 25 hours on a full charge, and after the battery was depleted, they energized rapidly. Considerably more incredibly, I found that the QC35 has more than DOUBLE Bose's evaluated Bluetooth run.  

Things to consider before buying Headphones for binaural beats

It's important to consider some of the terms before buying headphones specially for binaural beats.

Below we discussed some of the major terms that you may think of.

  • Comfort

Listening of binaural beats is all about relaxation and helps reduce anxiety. So comfort is the most important factor you should concern about headphones. There are so many headphone brands available in market claim for comfort and free to wear experience. 

But before experiencing all of them I think you don't need to trust blindly on them. We are here to do these tasks for you. And all these articles focus on our readers and listeners to help them. When talking about comfort you should be careful that you can effortlessly wear them in bed or chair. Also headphones didn't get you sweat frequently while using them. 

You know that some session of binaural beats may run for 1 to 2 hours. Which is also a natural. That's Why Headphones should not produce wetness on your ears or sweat. 

Another thing is some wireless headphones may produce slight heat on ear cups which also result in sweating and hotness on your ears which also feel uncomfortable to our users.

Also talking about comforting them you should also try wireless headphones which are more reliable for long sessions of binaural beats music. We included some best wireless headset to provide you with the best experience.


  1. Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series I) Wireless Headphones

  2. Apple AirPods Pro

  • Frequency

Frequency for binaural beats is also important for crystal clear sound.

There are many headphones that claim a frequency which is 20 to 20000hz. But in real scenarios sometimes they fail to show their capabilities. 

The ideal headphones produce sound which is audible for human ears. Also if the frequency of headphones is Constant then it is suitable for binaural beats to manipulate the beats correctly. All the headphones discussed here have the excellent frequency range and crystal clear sound.

  • Impedance

As speakers and sound system headset also have some resistance.

which is transmitted with electric current by the amplifier. Resistance is measured in ohms which have a range of 8 to 600 ohms. Companies show resistance from 1 khz but in reality it varies by models from lows to highs.

Basically talking about impedance does not directly affect the sound quality. Some headphones have low impedance and some headphones have high impedance. The high impedance occurred in headphones by the thin coil used in speakers. Which is used to provide high volume and crystal clear sound. But in some cases it's totally obsolete.

The main use of high impedance headphones is used in music production companies and music composers. They have high impedance so they need external current to provide excellent music to the user. But talking about binaural beats listening we don't need to just tangled in wire for powering up headphones we just need sober 1 wire or wireless headphones which provide excellent quality even with mobile phones or laptops.

  • Mobility

When it comes to hearing beats relaxingly, mobility is also becoming the important factor. The headphone mobility is described as its easy to carry and easy to manage.

There are many headphones available in the market that are just bulky and heavy. These types of headphones are not ideal for binaural beats. Headphones should be lightweight and easy to handle. So the process became effortless and effective. 

For the mobility I suggest you, Apple AirPods Pro would be the best pick from our perspective. They are easy to handle and also have astonishing sound clearity and mobility. 

Other than that they also used to consume media on a daily basis which is also a great thing.

  • Portability

There are so many people who prefer wired headphones than wireless because they provide higher audio transmission speed and less transmission lag. Which is also true for them because they are good for gaming or some kind of music production.

But listening to binaural beats we suggest that they are not good for specially listening binaural beats. In listening beats we don't need higher ping or transmission the sound is continuous. 

So wireless headphones would be the best suitable example of it.

So mostly we included headphones which are wireless and even you can sleep with them.

  • Noise Cancellation :

Noise cancellation headphones are very necessary to close the outside noise. So many headphones perform noise cancellation excellent also at the budget segment. In noise cancellation headphones the ear cups are specially designed to eliminate the outside noise interfering with your listening.

You can take care that headphones are always a noise cancellation feature included in it.

  • Noise isolation

Noise isolation feature used to seal up all the gaps between the ear cup and your ear. Due to noise isolation, listening may become private and there is no sound coming out from the listening tone.

There are many headphones that provide noise isolation but it mainly depends on size of your head and size of headphones. You should take care of it so the headphones will perfectly fit your ears and never leave the gap between your ears and cups.

Also some cases it is also heard that when you are moving or walking when the wire of headphones rubbed with your shirts it makes rubbing or scratching sound so it will also be useful in that situation also.

we covered some frequently asked questions to give you a clear picture of how binaural beats works.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is there any actual need of good headphones for binaural beats or just myth?

Obviously people don't know how binaural beats work and they require good headphones or not.

But the main thing to notice here is that actual working of binaural beats is totally dependent on headphones. Binaural beats; its two tones are listened to at the same time with our ears. when these two tones are observed by our brain if frequency is well optimised you get all benefits of it.

so you need headphones to listen to it.

2) Is there a specific type of headphones used for binaural beats?

Not that appropriate but before buying headphones especially for binaural beats you can consider some technical terms for it. which will help you for better results.

which I mentioned below.

3) What would happen if we listened to binaural beats for too much time?

Yes so many people ask this question that there are any side effects of binaural beats or not?

So as listening to binaural beats for almost 3 years now there are no side effects of binaural beats but if you listen too much it can give you slight headache or overconciousnes but it's all for temporary but besides that there is nothing harsh bad side effects on our health due to binaural beats.

4) What are the benefits of listening to binaural beats?

Now this is a nice question talking about the many health benefits of binaural beats. and why we made this website to help people.

There are major 5 benefits of binaural beats.

  • Reduce anxiety:

In today's world people are so obnoxious about their work, their life and their actions so going through a regular loop of the same things would result in anxiety and stress.

I also reviewed some questions about children who feel sad and anxious. Also the global pandemic of the virus also promotes depression and nervousness.

So I recommend that you listen to binaural beats which will help to reduce some amount of pressure and anxiety with your daily routine. We also made a premium binaural beats program if you are going through severe states of depression and anxiety you can checkout on our homepage. 

  • High level Consciousness:

We can define high level consciousness as a term when you are proactive and highly aware of all the things happening around you. It is useful when you want to concentrate your focus on one thing.

binaural beats are great when you become lazy or feel not good about your thoughts. They can help you to collect all your focus on one thing and concentrate on it. You can achieve this in many situations and events. For example if you wake up in the morning you are lazy and sleepy so by listening tone you may wake up your tired mind and get full concentration throughout the day.

  • Promote creativity:

Some studies also proved that binaural beats are useful when they promote creativity. Creativity is a way to execute your life in a different way. There are many ways to complete the same work. It's very important in daily life.

  • Improve memory:

Also useful when to improve memory and performance of the brain. Some people face weakened memories and Alzheimer's so binaural also helps with it.

  • Foster positive moods:

Some people face negative moods often in daily life. all the good things around them but also they feel nervous and negative so binaural beats also help to give subtle boost in moods and thinking to help to grow.

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Conclusion :

Ater going through the article we discussed some of the best 8 headphones for specially listening to binaural beats. Which will help you to listen to binaural beats, isochronic tones, and meditation music. All the products featured in this article are reviewed by us or our users so be free to take advice.

At the end after discussing all the major terms, concerns and benefits I hope all your queries also come to an end.

We suggest buying the product with our links so we get a small commission to help the site.

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