Can Binaural Beats Make You High? Are They Digital Drugs?

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The last few weeks the public was shocked by the presence of digital drugs. A binaural beats application that is said to be able to create sakaw effects on people who use it. Is an i-doser maker of digital drug devices that offers brain stimulation services with effects such as drugs.

Although the National Narcotics Agency has explained that i-doser is not a digital drug such as the heralded, but apparently the public is still traumatized and worried about the effects of these binaural beats. But you don't need to worry because as an official binaural beats site in Indonesia that knows very well what binaural beats technology is, we will explain what exactly binaural beasts are and why i-doser can use binaural beats as digital drugs.

Binaural Beats is a therapeutic method that uses brainwave frequencies as a medium to overcome various problems. Binaural Beats works by using the difference in the frequency of the left and right ears to get the desired frequency.

For example you want to enter alpha waves with a frequency of 10 Hz to create deep relaxation conditions, then binaural beats will play a tone with a frequency of 500Hz in the left ear and a tone with 510Hz in the right ear. By entering these different frequencies, the brain will operate and cause us to compensate for the difference between the two frequencies and can create the exact brainwave frequency at the 10Hz frequency.

As an official binaural beats site in United States, we use this binaural beast technology wisely. We use it as a therapeutic medium to overcome various problems. Please check the product catalog section to find out about the binaural beats that we have created.

We also guarantee that binaural beats are NOT addiction substances let alone digital drugs as people are concerned. On the contrary, we actually created a product to treat drug addiction or what we often call Drug Abuse - Eliminating Drug Addiction.

Why do I-dosers Use Binaural Beats as Digital Drugs?

If binaural beats are not addiction substances let alone digital drugs, why can i-doser use binaural beats as digital drugs? Maybe that's the question in your mind right now.

We need to explain that binaural beats are brain wave based technology that can affect the frequency of human brain waves and allow us to be able to achieve certain conditions according to our requests.

This is what i-doser used in making digital drug applications from binaural beats. Just like a double-edged sword, binaural beasts can also have benefits if used for good but can also have harmful effects if used improperly.

I-doser utilizes binaural beats technology to create the same conditions as drug addicts. I-doser gives suggestions to its users to be able to create the same effect as when using drugs. This is why the effect found on i-doser users is the same as drug users.

However, not all i-doser users can feel the same benefits as when taking drugs. Some users who fail to create drug suggestions in their minds will not achieve this condition.

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Reality of Digital Drugs

When talking about digital drugs binaural beats are not any kind of drug or something.

This technology found around a century ago purely made to increase your brain's abilities and working efficiency.

it's also true that some people suffer from hypnosis with binaural beats but it's not addictive or drug.

There are so many health benefits that are proved century ago of binaural beats. such as better brain cognition, mind relaxation, higher consciousness, and so on.

working of binaural beats

There are basically two audio tones heard by two ears. I mean binaural means two audio which is slightly different from each other when you listen to them with headphones they affect your brain in a good manner.

when talking about corporate world digital drugs is a marketing term used for higher profits by companies.
it's more like biotreatment for the brain than digital sound.

There has been a lot of talk about Binaural Beats lately, especially from concerned parents and confused police officials, about whether or not these digital audio drugs or “doses” are actually getting kids high. Well, this one is kind of on the fence. Binaural Beats in no way alter the chemical balance of the user’s body, so technically, you’re not high. BUT, and this is a big but, its not to say that the user will not feel drug-life effects.

When done properly, meaning with good headphones, the binaural beats will entrain your brainwaves, inducing an effect that is not easy to describe. First, lets go a bit more in depth about the science behind binaural beats and brainwave entrainment. Entrainment, or brainwave synchronization is a practice that has been around for more than two centuries…

I was never one to really believe in any of the alternative medicine stuff, but as an audio geek, and a total stoner, I was intrigued when I first heard about dosing. So I looked into it, and believe it or not there’s really some science behind this.

Here’s how it works, our brainwaves operate at frequencies below the range of human hearing, which is 20Hz – 20,000Hz, or 20kHz. In order to address these super low or “Subsonic” frequencies with conventional speakers, we must get creative.

Here’s where the binaural beats come in. Binaural literally means “of two ears”. When a pure “sine wave” or pure note is played in the left hear, while simultaneously a sine wave of almost exact frequency is played in the left ear, your brain will mix the two and create an inner beating effect. This beat is not coming out of the headphones, it is literally being created by your brain.

This happens because your brain and ears work together like a 2-channel DJ mixer. With your mind being the center channel. Now lets say a tone of 1000Hz is heard in your left ear while a tone of 1500Hz is heard in the right. You would hear both tones separately and your brain would create a 500Hz tone in the center channel, well into our audible range and affecting no brainwaves. Your brain takes the 1000Hz and subtracts it from the 1500Hz to give you the 500Hz tone.

Now if we want to get these subsonic frequencies we have to use two extremely close tones, for example 300Hz and 304Hz. When these are heard binaurally, it will creating a 4Hz beat. This is when entrainment, or brainwave synchronization occurs. Ones brainwaves are coerced to match up with the frequency of the binaural beat, resulting in the desired effect of feeling “high”. This “stoned” sensation has been described as being a relaxed and “spaced-out” sort of feeling.

But again, this can be very difficult o describe, and is perceived differently by each user. So go ahead and download a few of our tracks to try it for yourself. Also, please discuss your experiences in the comment field below.

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So it is clear that binaural beats are not addiction substances let alone drugs. If binaural beats are used to create drug applications, not binaural beats are drugs, but there are irresponsible individuals who want to damage the nation's generation by utilizing the sophistication of binaural beats technology.

Let's use technology wisely, use technology in a useful way and support the continued use of technology for good, especially the media to overcome various problems.

MP3 downloads with binaural beats to support self-healing, i.e. activate the self-healing powers for optimal relaxation and healing of the body and mind.

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