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Meditation Concerns

One of the biggest problems modern society has is not believing that happiness comes from the inside. As the old saying goes "Money Can't Buy Happiness" until you truly believe this, you will never be truly happy. There is more to life than material possessions. 

Meditation is very important in reaching that spiritual happiness and allowing your body to relax and feel stress free. To do meditation properly might take a bit practice because your mind has to block all the outside distractions.

Your mind has to reach a specific frequency range in order to reach the proper meditation mindset. There are specially recorded Binaural Beats that will help you reach the true meditation mindset in minutes

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A Site almost as old as i-doser, Guided Meditation Treks has been incorporating binaural beats into psychic journeys since 2012. Their free app called Binaural helps you understand how you can program your own binaural beats from frequencies you find online.  

The Android app even includes a bunch of great presets for free. Their premium app, Binaural Nature Meditation is only $5. It includes all the presets and lets you save your own, along with infinite looping of real stereo nature sounds.  

That’s their latest app, but they have a strong history with Binaural Beats including a solid Sleep App that includes the calming voice of a guide to meditate your way to sleep. 

Outside of Binaural Beats, which they seem to use in almost all of their albums and apps, Meditation Treks breaks down some popular meditation practices such as Vipassana  

Which is a Buddhist practice of body awareness. The Dhamma Institute offers a free 10-day retreat intensive that will teach you to meditate in this way, or you can try to learn it bit by bit by using the app from Guided Meditation Treks. 

Another cool thing about Guided Meditation Treks is that you can find them on Spotify, Youtube, and iTunes, as well as their BandCamp page. The best place to start is their blog  which is a blend of philosophy and technology.

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