Binaural Beats Frequencies For Sexual Arousal & Love Harmony

brainwave frequencies
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What is Binaural Beats Frequencies?

Binaural Beats frequencies is a special type of Divine Beats used to acquire a special type of health benefits to our mind and body. Which are listened simultaneously with simple headphones. Whenever the gap between these two frequencies changes they affect different benefits on our body. Majorly they are divided into four categories which are briefly described below.

Binaural Beats Frequency List

  1. Delta

  2. Alpha

  3. Beta

  4. Theta

All the Beats above have several types of result and benefits with respect to type. 

  • Delta Frequencies

Frequency The slowest brainwave frequency is Delta. This is a brainwave pattern that we can achieve when we are in a deep sleep state. This brain wave pattern is also dominant for children who are still babies.

Delta brainwave frequencies can also be used to access the subconscious mind under the influence of the most powerful binaural beats. Binaural beats in the Delta frequency range, can be used to improve sleep quality, cure insomnia, help with emotional stress problems, improve well-being, achieve very deep meditation conditions, eliminate pain, and various other things.

Frequency Range

Delta frequencies range from 0.1Hz to 3.9Hz. When our body is on this frequency, the body will be better able to carry out self-healing processes, repair damaged cells and will continue to grow.


  • Alpha Frequencies

We can also achieve this condition when we are daydreaming or reading. Binaural beats that use Alpha brainwave frequencies are used to increase relaxation, super learning processes, intense focus, light meditation, and increased serotonin hormone. Alpha frequency is also the initial door to enter the subconscious mind.

Frequency Range

When we become more relaxed, our brain waves are at a slower frequency and belong to the Alpha group. This frequency ranges from 8Hz to 13.9Hz. Alpha frequencies are usually more dominant for writers, musicians, artists and athletes.


  • Beta Frequencies

This is a normal frequency that we can achieve when we are awake or conscious, associated with sensory criticism and a more active thought process and associated with higher concentration, more passionate, alertness, motivation, problem solving and cognition.

However, Beta frequencies can also be associated with negative things including anxiety, stress, illness, frustration, worry, anger, and fear. Binaural beats using Beta wave frequencies are used to increase energy, make correct decisions, motivate, and increase alertness.

Most of all audio used for binaural beats programs, will usually start brainwave frequencies in Beta waves and slowly shift the wave frequencies towards the desired effect. 

This starts from the Beta wave first because for the brain it will be much easier to shift slowly towards the transition frequencies of Alpha, Theta, and Delta so that the brain will more easily reach these frequencies directly.

Frequency Range

Beta wave frequency is the most active frequency among the other frequencies. This frequency ranges from 14Hz to 30Hz but can exceed this. 


  • Theta Frequencies

We can be at this brainwave frequency when we are dreaming. This frequency can hardly appear for adults when they are awake and awake. They generally can reach this Theta frequency when they fall asleep or they can reach this frequency with the awake condition only by using binaural beats unless they are experienced meditators and children under the age of 13.

When you can reach the Theta frequency, there are various effects that you feel. You become much more spiritually aware and have a feeling of complete inner peace. You become more aware of your inner guidance.

Binaural beats in the Theta frequency range are used for various problem conditions. Including to increase the power of learning and memory skills, increase creativity, change behavior better or eliminate the problem of addiction, change beliefs that unconsciously have limited your life to move forward, physical and emotional healing, get rid of fear, and relax.

Theta can also be used for more spiritual things like out-of-body experiences (astral projection), deep meditation, distant viewing, telepathy, enhancing psychic abilities, and attaining a higher state of consciousness.

Frequency Range

This frequency is considered to be the most powerful frequency among all available frequencies. Theta waves range from 4Hz to 7.9Hz. These brainwave frequencies are frequencies referred to as storehouses of creative and spiritual insight.


Binaural Beats Frequencies Chart

Binaural beats frequency is the pictorial approach of defining all the major frequencies in a single image.

Binaural Beats Frequencies Chart
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Binaural Beats Associated Benefits Chart

Binaural Beats Associated Benefits Chart
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How Binaural beats Helps in Meditation

Binaural Beats Arousal Frequency

You can also use arousal therapy to get the partner you love, namely Binaural Beats Attracting Your Perfect Soul Mate therapy.

You don't need to worry because this therapy is not a kind of pellet that gets love in a negative way. This therapy utilizes your inner strength (subconscious mind) to get your heart's idol.

Therapy will provide a stimulus brainwave (brain waves) that will provide a strong inner strength so that it can attract your loved ones. Thus you will more easily get someone you love.

Binaural Beats Therapy Attracting Your Perfect Soul Mate is a therapy that we have designed specifically to help you get a woman or man to love your heart. We designed this therapy based on research we have done for years by reviewing references from experts in the field of mind programming. This therapy has also been proven effective by various parties, including experts.

Binaural Beats Sex Frequency

Many peoples want to imagine sex without parteners. What a best idea if  i tell you you can also enjoy sex feelings without any partner or girlfriend. Yes its can be done with binaural beat sex frequency. 

The base frequecy used in sex tones is Theta which is very helpfull to relaxing the your brain with stress and anxiety. The sound also includes mild sexual sound with binaural beats so the end experience would become very relaxing and helpful for growing the sexual arousal.


In this article we discussed about binaural beats and their frequencies. Like delta, theta, alpha and beta. There are many benefits which are proved and tested. 

If you want to dig more about binaural beats you can explore our sites for free or even you can contact us. And I hope the quality information discussed in this article will help you to solve your query.

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